Unique Wedding Favors

Wedding Favors have been around since ancient times.

Unique Wedding Favors come in different shapes, colors & sizes... Wedding favors have become the means by which couples say "Thank you for sharing our special day with us" to their guests.

Wedding favors can also represent an extension of the couple’s personalities as wedding favors, very often, reflect the theme of the wedding.
There are vendors who specialize in wedding favors. Such businesses are devoted to the ordering, wrapping & personalizing of your wedding favors to help you match the favor to your wedding budget and theme.

Reputable businesses also provide the shipping of the wedding favors to your reception location.

These wedding vendors have a wide range of wedding related products for you to choose from.

How to choose your unique wedding favors....

There are many different kinds of wedding favors available. As brides and grooms select their wedding favors, you should consider your wedding budget and your wedding theme. Your wedding colors can be carried over to the colors of your wedding favors.


The following is a list of unique wedding favors that make memorable keepsakes for your wedding guests.

Edible Wedding Favors

Personalized Chocolate Wedding Favors
Foil Wrapped Chocolate Hearts
Foil Wrapped Chocolate Flowers Mints

Wedding Conversation Hearts

Non-edible wedding Favors

Personalize Your Wedding Favors -
Just Imagine......A unique favor that is a reflection of you and your spouse... A keepsake that your guests will treasure forever.

Your unique wedding favor is only a click away.

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